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Vilma, AB

Žirmūnų g. 68 (Žirmūnai), 09124 Vilnius

(+370) 52472348    Email   

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(+370) 52472348
(00370) 52472349
General director
Edmundas Pigaga
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Vilma, AB

AB Vilma is Lithuanian company which produces electric machines and equipments. The company has innovative technologies in tools designing and production, metal processing, casting from aluminum, zinc and plastic, electroplating, painting, and assembling. The turnover in year 2007 was over 15 million Litas. The company has about 400 employees. The main products are: electric installation switches and sockets, yard and street cleaning machines, scales, casting moulds and stamps, metal parts etc. About 75% of the production has been exported mainly to Germany. The company is the leader in production and sales of electrical switches and sockets in Lithuania. more...

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Buitinių elektros prietaisų surinkėja (-as)
AB "VILMA" (Vilnius)
valid until 2017.08.27

Gamybos salės operatorius gaminių surinkimo ceche
AB "VILMA" (Vilnius)
valid until 2017.08.27

Plastiko liejimo mašinų derintojas
AB "VILMA" (Vilnius)
valid until 2017.09.08

Šaltkalvis (-ė) - surinkėjas (-a)
AB "VILMA" (Vilnius)
valid until 2017.08.27