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Toreta, UAB

Laisvės g. 25, 89222 Mažeikiai
(+370) 61132606
Working now 8.00-17.00
12 metų veikloje

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(+370) 61132606
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20 employees (insured)
Average wage
1198.46 € (2019 June) Plačiau

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Salas, UAB
0.3 km | Stoties g. 30, Mažeikiai
structures from metal, rails, nice roofs, steel door, fences, elements of exterior, gate, structures from metal,...
Lubų idėjos, filialas, UAB
0.8 km | M. Daukšos g. 6, Mažeikiai
suspended ceilings
Vakarų bizonas, UAB
1.5 km | Laisvės g. 105, Mažeikiai
Thermal insulation, insulation, insulation works, Thermal insulation, insulation, Thermal insulation of buildings, roof insulation, facade/exterior insulation,...
Remontera, UAB
0.8 km | Gamyklos g. 31-24, Mažeikiai
interior finish, plastering, painting, paperhanging, tiling, ceiling mounting, ceiling finishing, suspended ceilings, floor laying, electricity works,...
Mažeikių Fauga, UAB
1.2 km | Žemaitijos g. 12-1, Mažeikiai
montage of windows, swinging door, plastic windows, frameless construction, development, windows service, replacement of glass packs,...
Stogai jums, UAB
1.3 km | Gamyklos g. 31H, Mažeikiai
roofing, skylights, rainwater pipes, tiles, slates, rainwater pipes, skylights, measuring, TYVEK, metal fences, fences
Erdmanas, UAB
1.6 km | Skuodo g. 8C, Mažeikiai
electrical installation works, cable laying, installment, resistance measurement, electrical measurements, outdoor lighting, design works
Cramo, Mažeikių padalinys, UAB
1.7 km | Melioratorių g. 1L, Mažeikiai
of mechanisms, rent of tools, consultations, delivery, grass mower, brushcutter, trimmer, loaders, mini excavators, VOLVO, concrete,...
Transgeda, UAB
1.8 km | Jautakių g. 8A, Mažeikiai
freight transportation, rent of transport, construction works, digging, digging trenches, digging of ponds, slope formation, demolition...
Dažesta, MB "Gustva"
2.1 km | Juodpelkio g. 10-6, Mažeikiai
painting works, painting, painted facades, painting of metal, wall painting, Covering with sand, cleaning of roofs,...
Omesta, UAB
2.6 km | Montuotojų g. 2, Mažeikiai
construction works, special structures, building of living houses, construction of gas stations, slurry tanks, engineering nets,...
ICC Engineering, UAB
2.8 km | Montuotojų g. 1, Mažeikiai
pipeline control, control of reservoirs, container management, NDT control, nondestructive control, visual control, radiographic control, illumination,...
Raiška, UAB
35.3 km | Mažeikių g. 9, Telšiai
heating, freezing, ventilation, water supply, of waste, montage, installation works, montage, montage, ventilation, montage, construction works,...
Lubų idėjos, filialas, UAB
36.7 km | 87109 Telšiai
suspended ceilings
Cramo, Telšių padalinys, UAB
35.3 km | Mažeikių g. 7B, Telšiai
of mechanisms, rent of tools, consultations, delivery, grass mower, brushcutter, trimmer, loaders, mini excavators, VOLVO, concrete,...
Virbarta, UAB
35.9 km | Statybininkų g. 1A-1, Telšiai
construction works, construction services, reapiring works, demolition works, tiling, painting works, plastering, plastering works, concrete making,...