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Plieno studija, UAB

Savanorių pr. 139 (Vilkpėdė), 03150 Vilnius
(+370) 61222770
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4 metai veikloje

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(+370) 61222770
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Ginestra, varžtų pasaulis, UAB
0.6 km | Savanorių pr. 174R, Vilnius
fasteners, mounting elements, constructive galvanized, slated, helical, bedplate, corrugated, 5.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Black, galvanized,...
Serpantinas, Vilniaus filialas, UAB
0.6 km | Savanorių pr. 174S, Vilnius
welding equipment, welding machine, welding apparatus, Mig, air compressors, air compressor, oil-free compressors, wash-up using laser,...
Tubes International, UAB
1 km | Savanorių pr. 176C, Vilnius
industrial hoses, compensators, adapters, valves, valves, clamps, ties, pneumatics, gears, pipes, couplings, industrial hoses, compensators, joints
Merlana, UAB
0.7 km | Vilkpėdės g. 10, 19 korp. (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
metallic products, metal articles, fence, stinless steel, glasshouses, fencing systems, metal fences
Ginestra, varžtų pasaulis, UAB
1.4 km | Kuršių g. 2, PC "Burbiškės" (Naujininkai), Vilnius
fasteners, mounting elements, constructive galvanized, slated, helical, bedplate, corrugated, 5.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Black, galvanized,...
Edmundo metalo gaminiai, UAB
1.5 km | Panerių g. 64 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
post boxes, trash cans, metal furniture, benches, installation, repairs, guardrail columns, interior, interior, trash cans, manufacturing,...
Euroflora, UAB
5.3 km | Viršuliškių g. 63 (Viršuliškės), Vilnius
flowers, bouquets, house plants, pots, fertilizer for flowers, seeds, ceramics, Souvenirs, plugs, food delivery, bouquets, house...
1.7 km | Panerių g. 56 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
used partsd, scrap-iron, purchase of metal, purchase of non-ferrous metal, buying aluminium, metal, buying, metal, buying,...
Prefabeta, UAB
1.8 km | Panerių g. 51-311 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
Mimeta, Vilniaus padalinys, UAB
1.9 km | Naugarduko g. 97 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
Building Materials, building materials store, clinker, clinker bricks, clinker bricks, bricks, tiles, blocks, finishing bricks, masonry...
1.9 km | Naugarduko g. 97 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
constructive, materials, clinker, bricks, finishing bricks, clinker, price, masonry blocks, dry, constructive, compounds, ceramics, concrete, furnace...
Dalca, UAB
2.1 km | Žemaitės g. 21 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
sales equipment, sales equipment, shops equipment, equipment for shops, commercial furniture, Office furniture, commercial showcases, trade...
Vildeta, UAB
5.4 km | Justiniškių g. 16 (Justiniškės), Vilnius
lockers, cupboards, shelves, shopping trolleys, hydraulic pallet trucks, metal furniture, furniture, metal furniture, cabins for documents,...
3.5 km | Meistrų g. 13 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
ferrous metals, metal trade, metal, steel, constructive steel, cast iron
Lukomas, UAB
3.5 km | Meistrų g. 13 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
Metal rods, sheets, pipes, hexagonal, tapes, wire, cast iron, ferrous metals, belt type, sheeting, hexagonal, constructive,...
Dantų aibė, UAB
5.9 km | Ukmergės g. 198 (Šeškinė), Vilnius
dentists, dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, production of dental prostheses, dental implantation, dental implants, dental implantation,...