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Piritas, MB

Rodūnios kelias 11 (Naujininkai), 02189 Vilnius
(+370) 69831935
7 years of activity

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(+370) 69831935
Gediminas Krištopaitis
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14 employees (insured)
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2242.54 € (2022 June) more information


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The beginning of PIRITAS - summer 2015. It all started with a keen desire, two hands and a local market. At the moment, we carry out orders not only for projects in Lithuania, but also export them to France, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland. This is what we are aiming for with a young, smart and enthusiastic team that has grown to over fifteen personalities in just over three years of business and is stagnant. We are the first in Lithuania to offer glass and metal partitions / doors for interiors, we are constantly improving their constructions, so we do not go unnoticed in the markets where these products have not only old traditions, but also a huge supply.

Glass - metal partitions
Due to our wide range of metal works and high competence we have ability to create even the most challenging products. What’s why, we want to engage local partners and help them create the most unique metal constructions. Glass - metal partition is our exclusive product and the perfect solution for dividing space without losing the feeling of light and space. Each project is unique, so aesthetic and constructive tasks are always solved individually. We offer any type of glass on the market for this product category, which can make every project completely exclusive. 
All metal-working is done in our factory in Vilnius – what’s we control all manufacturing process. So, our partners can be sure about their good will be made with huge attention even to the smallest details. Expanding our range of services, we acquired a welding robot at the beginning of 2019, which enables us to execute high volume orders at short, low cost. It is one of the latest and most advanced KUKA creations on the market, with a reach of up to 2150 mm and complete with ESAB aristo 4004i pulse source capable of MIG / MAG welding in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

You can treat us as steel competence center. We can consult, design and produce any your vision which involves metal. Shortly, we can make your dream come true. We can offer:
High quality - because of our work ethic and responsibility our products perfectly fits client requirements.

Durability – all our products is made from long lasting material – metal. For all products we can give at least 2-year warranty.

Made in Lithuania – you can visit our factory any time.

Unique design – non-standard solutions.

Customer oriented team – we take full responsibility for any misunderstandings.

Innovative metalworking technologies – our welding production is semi-robotic.

Demo project calculation – send details about your client project and we will provide offer for you.

Small company with huge potential
Our company started in 2015 from one-person hobby, but due to high quality works Piritas received huge amount of inquiries from different individuals and companies. This was first wave of company's growth.

About 2017 we started produce new product - unique design metal partitions for indoor usage. First prototypes were constructed like sandwich. Such construction was difficult to produce and required a lot of maintenance during installation. What's why our construction-designing team improved this product composition. As consequence, metal partitions became a higher quality and easier to assemble.

Due to new design and excellent recommendation from previous clients our company received huge amount new inquiries. Because we have precise but long manufacturing process and huge amount of new inquiries, we had to expand our production lines. So, we increased our production line capabilities with new employees: welders, installers and other manufacturers. Even more, one of our company basic value is innovation. In order, to become modern and innovative company we invested to robotic production line. So right now, we are ready to produce huge amount high quality products.


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