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Inčas, Rokiškio skyrius, UAB

Nepriklausomybės a. 13, 42115 Rokiškis
(+370) 45833330

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(+370) 45833330

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JSC INCAS (UAB Inčas) is a paper converting and trading company. JSC INCAS have implemented ISO 9001 standard. We can offer the best service, high quality of products and competitive price to customers in the market.

We have already been in the paper converting business for 15 years. Now we produce hundreds of different sizes of paper rolls in both standard bond paper and thermal paper. Our experience and equipment allows us to manufacture different rolls according to specific client’s request.

All our products are widely used in supermarkets, hotels, banks, ATM machines, shops, transport and other business fields. The choice of paper rolls depends on the machine used and can vary in material, size and which ply paper is required. There are single ply paper rolls (offset paper), two ply paper rolls, thermal paper rolls.

Production and trade of cash register rolls. Trade in paper slitter-rewinder machines.

Trade in paper and paper products for printing houses, shops, offices.

Trade in stationery and industrial paper.

Paper cutting services.

Main products - cash register rolls, other paper rolls with and without imprint for shops, banks, transport and other companies. Main buyers of printing paper - printing houses and publishing houses can buy coated paper, self-adhesive paper, carbonless paper, offset paper and other types of paper and cardboard.

For any office or shop - white and coloured copy paper, writing paper, and paper for office needs, wrapping paper, craft paper, price labellers, price labels, foodstuffs bags, etc.
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