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Vesto, UAB

Titnago g. 78 (Paneriai), 02300 Vilnius
(+370) 65219038
6 metai veikloje

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(+370) 65219038
Dzmitry Papko
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1 employees (insured) Plačiau


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Levantina, filialas, UAB
3.2 km | Titnago g. 19, (Vilkpėdė) (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
HUSQVARNA, husquarna, JONSERED, PARTNER, FLYMO, klippo, gardena, shop, showroom, Sweden, Swedish equipment, qualified technique, delivery of...
Selenas, UAB
4.4 km | Savanorių pr. 187 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
A private sewing company “Selenas” has been working on Lithuanian market since 2005. The core business...
Amvista, UAB
5.4 km | Justiniškių g. 16 (Justiniškės), Vilnius
Cleaning, cleaning services, daily cleaning, Care of premises, polishing, wash, administration of buildings, cleaning after repair,...
Euroflora, UAB
5.8 km | Viršuliškių g. 63 (Viršuliškės), Vilnius
flowers, bouquets, house plants, pots, fertilizer for flowers, seeds, ceramics, Souvenirs, plugs, food delivery, bouquets, house...
Levantina, UAB
8.6 km | Ukmergės g. 315B (Fabijoniškės), Vilnius
HUSQVARNA, husquarna, JONSERED, PARTNER, FLYMO, klippo, gardena, shop, showroom, Sweden, Swedish equipment, qualified technique, delivery of...
Pasažas, jojimo prekių parduotuvė, UAB "Horsewell Baltic"
6.3 km | Savanorių pr. 22 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
riding inventory, supplies for horses, riding boots, pants, horse, horse riders, equestrian, horse stables, horse riding,...
Dalca, UAB
6.4 km | Žemaitės g. 21 (Vilkpėdė), Vilnius
sales equipment, sales equipment, shops equipment, equipment for shops, commercial furniture, Office furniture, commercial showcases, trade...
Arenalis, UAB
6.7 km | Kauno g. 36-217 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
genuine leather, exotic leather, shearling, clothing, cars leather, leather for furniture, sheepskin, vegetable tanned leather.
Vollit, ginklų ir medžioklės reikmenų parduotuvė Vilniuje, UAB
6.7 km | Birželio 23-iosios g. 15 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
weapons, hunting goods, hunting accessories, weapons for hunting, weapons, gas pistols, rifles, rifles, overhead guns, overhead...
Lelija, UAB
6.9 km | Panerių g. 43 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
clothes, Manufacture of wearing apparel, offices for rent, cafe, shop, hotel, accommodation
Alegro forte, odos ir kailių studija, UAB
7.1 km | Švitrigailos g. 11A (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
leather products, fur sewing, leather clothig sewing, fur repair, sewing services, clothing, footwear, in Vilnius, in...
Algrima, Vilniaus filialas, UAB
7.1 km | Panerių g. 39, 03209 Vilnius
working wear, work clothes, work clothing, Jacket, costumes, suits, robes, pants, breeches, overalls, vests, aprons, work...
Devana, UAB
7.1 km | Švitrigailos g. 16/ T. Ševčenkos g. 14 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
weapons, gas pistols, binoculars, fireworks, bullets, clothes, boots, sights, fishing, backpack, tents, towers, pistols, optical sights,...
7.2 km | Šaltkalvių g. 36 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
washing of plaids/blankets, ironing of clothes, cleaning of carpets, washing of coats/jackets
Zookomfort, UAB
7.4 km | Prūsų g. 2 (Naujininkai), Vilnius
dentistry, dental plaque and gums, Cleaning the stone with a modern ultrasound scanner (cheap and does...
Easy, parduotuvė, UAB "Inaigė"
7.7 km | Gedimino pr. 32 (Naujamiestis), Vilnius
footwear, clothes, galantery, knitwear, bijouterie, large size clothes, clothes, handbag, accessories, sports footwear, Jacket, shirt, costumes,...