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Smalvos, sodyba

Gailiutiškės vs., 32400 Zarasų r.
(+370) 67802221
14 metų veikloje

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(+370) 67802221
Andrius Štarolis
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10 employees (insured)
Average wage
1465.26 € (2019 June) Plačiau

Description of activities

The camping base “Smalvos” is located on the shore of the large lake Samalvas in Zarasai region of Lithuania having area 328 hectares. Length of the lake is 7 km and width is 3.5 km. It is a solitary and pacific place. The nearest built-up area is located 6 km far from here. Around the camping are located cities: Zarasai (12km), Utena (50 km), Visaginas (10 km). The camping base is rounded by coniferous forest, rich in berries and mushrooms. There is a lot of fish in the lake – perch, cat-fish, pike, bream, tench, roach and other. The base territory covers 2 hectares of land, where located 9 buildings for residence and rest (there are the restaurant with bar, the sauna placed close to the lake, the arbor with grill (for 30 people), the boat-house, 5 houses and 7 comfortable first-class apartments). All lodgments are built of ecologically clean wood, in merging with nature stile.

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