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Milorija, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB

Dubysos g. 64-3, 91001 Klaipėda
(+370) 46341058
Closes 17.00
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(+370) 46341058
R. Milkerienė

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Mimeta, Klaipėdos padalinys, UAB
1 km | Šilutės pl. 23, Klaipėda
Building Materials building materials store clinker clinker bricks clinker bricks bricks tiles blocks finishing bricks masonry blocks dry building mixtures building blends Stone Products concrete furnace bricks chimneys...
Klaipėdos Lytagra, UAB
1 km | Šilutės pl. 19C, Klaipėda
electrical goods bulbs wires plugs switches welding technique pressure vessels distinguishers pumps hydrophores heating systems water supply systems repair fixtures rubber products roof covering Roof coverings...
Spalvų sala, parduotuvė, UAB
1.1 km | Šilutės pl. 11, Klaipėda
Building Materials paints time glue primer grounds dissolvents dissolvent solvents solvent filler putty timber care measures timber care sealing measures sealing measure...
Savingė, Klaipėdos filialas, UAB
1.3 km | Sandėlių g. 28-2, Klaipėda
metallic products electrodes galvanized dishes cast iron products paints time glue dissolvents impregnant grounds solvents Sealants goods to motorists electrical goods bulbs luminaires...
Divinitus, Klaipėdos parduotuvė, UAB
1.3 km | Svajonės g. 8, Klaipėda
automotive paint paint for automobiles road paints varnishes grounds powder paint auto paint anti-corrosive paint outdoor paint industrial paint paints hardeners powder paint epoxy paint washable paint concrete paint...
Dažmeta, UAB
1.8 km | Svajonės g. 33-1, Klaipėda
paint for outdoor use opaque paint enamels stains grounds anti-corrosive paint oils oils epoxy paint stain paint for timber silicone plaster structural plaster aerosol paints epoxy resin cell waterproofing...
Bocas ir Ko, parduotuvė, UAB
2.7 km | Gluosnių skg. 6, Klaipėda
paints putty painting tools sealing measures cement glue rockwool Styrofoam fixings timber drainage pipes landscaping elements Building Materials building materials store acrylic plaster silicone plaster...
3 km | Šilutės pl. 115/ Plieno g. 3, Klaipėda
supply reguliarly available from stock and in order next equipments and materials, at competitive prices
Laukininkų prekyba, UAB
3.3 km | Laukininkų g. 15A, Klaipėda
building blends cement filler primer adhesives for tiles wallpaper glue wood glue facade paint lighting luminaires cables wires aluminum copper underground switches...
Autoratas, autoreikmenų parduotuvė, UAB
22.7 km | Tiekėjų g. 7A, Kretinga
additional lights mirrors sponges wipes shampoo alignment ring wheel covers check valves accumulators AGM batteries abrasive paper
Spalvika, MB
23.4 km | Žemaitės al. 43, Kretinga
paint for ceiling for walls decorative paint paint for timber paint for metal anti-corrosive paint facade paints paint for slating PRO paint aerosol paints German metal primer epoxy primer quartz primer anticorrosive primer structural plaster...
Šilutės agrochemija, UAB
43 km | Geležinkelio g. 6B, Šilutė
fertilizer chemical plant protection measures seeds coal rubble gravel briquettes peat briquettes sawdust briquettes heat pumps Building Materials building materials store concrete products building blends roofing...
A. Barasos prekybos įmonė, tapetų parduotuvė
49 km | Vytauto g. 14, Plungė
wallpaper colored wallpapers photo wallpapers photo wallpapers liquid wallpaper bamboo wallpaper textile wallpaper vinyl wallpaper
BauBer, UAB
67.3 km | Dariaus ir Girėno g. 52, Šilalė
window plastic windows glass packages montage of windows plumbing support ARISTON bathrooms gate putty decorative plaster fitting measures electrotechnics inner door exterior doors screws...
Šilalės statybų duona, I. Alijošienės prekybinė komercinė firma "Agava"
67.7 km | Šolių g. 10, Šilalė
electrical goods pumps hydrophores expansion vessels plumbing fittings repair fixtures rubber products horse riding inventory harness horse riding boots tires chargers bearings Sealants time primer...
Šilalės senukai, I. Alijošienės prekybinė komercinė firma "Agava"
68.1 km | Nepriklausomybės g. 13A, Šilalė
electrical goods pumps hydrophores expansion vessels plumbing fittings repair fixtures rubber products horse riding inventory harness horse riding boots tires chargers bearings Sealants time primer...