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Marklinė, UAB

Poilsio g. 9A-2, Aukštelkė, 80181 Šiaulių r.
(+370) 60127693
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(+370) 60127693
Donatas Kasmauskas
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1 employees (insured) Plačiau
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Yzi reklama, UAB
0.5 km | Vasario 16-osios g. 48, Šiauliai
wide format print, printing works, manufacturing of tents, design services, showcases Appearance, signboards, business cards, advertising...
Vizon, UAB
1 km | Žemaitės g. 78-2, Šiauliai
purchase of forest, logging, forestry, forest management projects, exchange strips, timber, wooden products, timber transportation, lumbering,...
Poveris, UAB
0.7 km | P. Cvirkos g. 62-72, Šiauliai
forwarding services, transport services, international transportations, carriage of goods, export, import, partial freight, logistics, land transport,...
S. Balčiūnienės advokatės kontora
0.7 km | Vytauto g. 147, Šiauliai
advocates, law firm, legal services, legal counselling, preparation of process documents, preparation of process documents, family...
Pundas, UAB
2.5 km | Pramonės g. 13A, Šiauliai
services of logistic, storing services, freight transportation, furniture transportation, carriage of passengers, transport services, removal services,...
Sidabrinis voras, UAB
1.3 km | Dvaro g. 162B, Šiauliai
automobile transport services, transport services, services of logistic, forwarding services, freight transportation, freight transportation via international...
Lindema, parduotuvė, UAB
1.1 km | Gumbinės g. 5, Šiauliai
funeral services, coffins, ritual services, funeral supplies, funeral, funeral organization, of the dead, of the deads,...
Lindema, UAB
1.1 km | Tilžės g. 99, prie SPA "Aronija", Šiauliai
funeral services, coffins, ritual services, funeral supplies, funeral, funeral organization, of the dead, of the deads,...
3.1 km | Metalistų g. 10, Šiauliai
Sand, sale of sand, gravel, sale of gravel, shingle, rubble, sales of crushed stone, mold, primer,...
Cramo, Šiaulių padalinys, UAB
2.8 km | Metalistų g. 8E, Šiauliai
of mechanisms, rent of tools, consultations, delivery, grass mower, brushcutter, trimmer, loaders, mini excavators, VOLVO, concrete,...
Transmėja, UAB
2.5 km | Metalistų g. 3, Šiauliai
„Transmeja“ is a growing international transport company in Lithuania. The company is working more than 21...
2.9 km | Išradėjų g. 13B, Šiauliai
goods transportation, abroad, in Latvia, in Estonia, in Finland, in Norway, Europe, transportation, forwarding, warehousing, various...
Transmylia, IĮ
3.1 km | J. Basanavičiaus g. 160D, Šiauliai
carriage of goods, transportation, cargo, goods, transport services, transportation of automobiles, towing, machine carriage, international transportations,...
Autoarlita, autoservisas, UAB
2.9 km | Pramonės g. 17F, Šiauliai
autogarages, car repair, repair of body, chassis repair, engine repairs, mounting of wheels, gearbox repair, painting...
Nirlita, UAB
2.6 km | Metalistų g. 6, Šiauliai
loaders, lifter, new lifters, used loaders, rent of loaders, repair of loaders, parts for loaders, tires...
Poligrafas, UAB
3.6 km | Serbentų g. 117, Šiauliai
manufacturing of promotion, volumetric letters, awnings, indoor advertising, advertising on transport, digital printing, wide format print,...