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Gotas, žemės darbų technikos padalinys, UAB

Liepsnos g. 4, 03154 Vilnius
(+370) 52300270
Atsidarys rytoj 7.00

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(+370) 52300270
Oleh Koldun

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WILMS MASTER alluminum clamps, liftings, fan, technical drill, disturbers, power cables, centers.
Distributive pallets, saw, hummer, circulation, pneumatic, cutters, grinder, angular, belt type, vibratory, mill, knives, industrial, collectors, heaters, gasoline burners, facing, bituminous, BOMAG fans, FRANK painting platforms, heaters, excavators, Tractors, air compressors, gathering, care, paint, garden equipment, plumbing tools, welding, electric scaffolding, towers, favouring ladder, technique, lifting machine, sawing, tile cutting, grindering, concrete metal equipment, preparation tool for concrete reinforcement, cutting milling rollers, thickening tools, pickers, sledgehammers, high power perforators, drillers, minilifters, drillers, of land, BOBCAT saws, wood scissors, grinders, giraffes, for hedgrows, coating machines, cleaning, territories, trash gutters, of formation, parcel's, lifters diggers, mini excavators, trimmers, lawn movers, cultivators, trimmers, GOTAS, sandblasts, scissor lifters, cradles, shelvings, of constructive tools, rent of mechanisms, deep concrete pumps, vibrators, mixers, pickers, of demolition, drilling perforators, thickness makers, soil vibroplates, of parquet grindering, bush cutters, humidifiers, of water mud, nail punches, linoleum laying fences, containers, transport, trailers, fuel tanks, measuring devices, ENDRESS, generators, HONDA, clean, dirty, KAESER, compamobile, screw, HATZ, electrical, piston, diesel engines, repairs, connecting, REMS, bending expanders, pipeline tapping, cutting and crewing, BAUMAN, aluminum, FESTOOL, for professionals of exceptional working quality ADAMAS NORTON, FUBAG diamond discs, ceramic, masses of diamond stone, of walls, hygrometers, hygiene measures, disposable towels, wipes, toilet paper dispensers for liquid soap, holders, of towel paper, of chemistry, economy goods, glue, cleaners, ZAR, MORRELLS glaze for parquet, wood filler SAINT GOBAIN, KOMATSU, GEHL, excavators, mini constructive pistol drills, HILTI milling, constructive, chisels, hoses, pistols, folding, tin cutters, vibrorammers, drills, KARCHER, ALTO, DYNAPAC levels, DANIA grinders, caterpillar, telescopic PERI, FESTO, NUMATIC, GRINDEX, GESAN, thermal imaging camera, of thermal imaging cameras, of fences, of storages, storing, economic, administrative, rent of temporary premises, of front lifters, horse trailers for transportation, BOBKAT, rent of constructive technique, repair of technique, turning works, milling works, rent of trailers, rent of excavators, rent of loaders, renting of scaffolds, rent of towers, rent of perforators, rent of wagons, rent of containers, rent of tool for unfreezing the frozen pipes, services of unfreezing the pipes, rent of view camers for pipelines (pipes), rent of snow showels, Bobcat rent, bobcat ent, rent of tracked excavators, poles drilling, ground leveling, digging trenches, building demolition, digging of ponds, digging of ponds, cleaning of ponds, pond deepening, transport services, trawl Service, rent of trawl, of a generator, care, constructions, rent of containers, rent of tools detailed information