C/C++ Developer

Galioja iki: 2019.09.13

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Back-end Guild Life

Loud Crowd Fueling Our Stratospheric Growth

Powered by passion for technology and ambition for success, our marketing team features the most skillful people who are true experts in their fields. We are SEO wizards, PR gurus, top talented performance, retention and social media marketers, designers, creatives, strategists and copywriters.

Not letting go of that inner child inside us is part of our team’s success – nothing is too naive to be said out loud and every idea is welcomed here. Being foolishly creative can be totally fine! Sometimes that’s what it takes to achieve the greatest milestones. However, in numbers and A/B testing we trust, and we have our hands on the most advanced tools that can help us reach our goals. Did we mention we never let that CR drop – just the bass?.

What You Will Do

- Work on developing cross-platform libraries and applications;
- Write and maintain native system drivers;
- Maintain current software applications, look for new ways to improve them;
- Come up and develop new features for our applications - creative minds are always welcome!
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