restaurant, restaurants, Chinese restaurant
Klaipėdos g. 28, Panevėžys
(+370) 67455105
cafe, pizzeria, bar, restaurant, banquet halls, hall rental, parties, banquets, receptions, banquet preparation, buffet ...
Žaslių g. 34, Kaišiadorys (Affiliates)
(+370) 61153528
Baltoji salė
Itališka salė
guesthouse, accommodation, accommodation services, hotel, hotels, bed, room, hotel, hotel, plat du jour, banquets, ...
Kauno g. 5, Lazdijai
(+370) 62554590
Apgyvendinimo paslaugos
Dienos pietūs
SPA kompleksas
restaurant, banquets, receptions, wedding, birthdays, them parties, homeward food, food to the office
Radvilos g. 3, Biržai
(+370) 61644078
conference halls, banquet halls, steambaths, sauna, Turkish, rent of bikes, rent of automobile, banquet, buffet, ...
Žemaitės al. 31A, Kretinga
(+370) 65799157
cafes, Lithuanian dishes, delicious food, plat du jour, take away food, banquets, hall rental, steambaths, conference ...
Kepyklos g. 17, Alytus
(+370) 65294040
The hotel „AUKŠTAITIJA“ is located in the center of the town, not far from the forest park zone. The department store, several banks, the stop of ...
Veteranų g. 9, Visaginas (Affiliates)
(+370) 38674858
Hotel “Rivastar” is only several minutes away from downtown or the popular place for taking walks — Palanga Botanical Park, Museum of Amber, and ...
J. Simpsono g. 13, Palanga (Affiliates)
(+370) 46052238
In the halfway of highway Kaunas - Vilnius You will reach a small town Elektrenai. A new and hospitable restaurant -hotel "Perkunkiemis" is waiting ...
Draugystės g. 5, Elektrėnai
(+370) 61438470
deserts, plat du jour
Žvejų g. 8, Klaipėda (Affiliates)
(+370) 46219612
Sanatorium Gradiali provides rehabilitation, treatment and medical restoration services. The main Health Centre activities include the connective ...
Vanagupės g. 15, Palanga
guesthouse, accommodation, accommodation services, hotels, bed, room, hotel, hotel, bar, nutrition, kitchen, take away ...
Didžioji g. 52, Kėdainiai
(+370) 65623807
plat du jour, banquets, receptions, nutrition, cafe, bar, parties, funeral dinner, nutrition, hall rental, delicious ...
Tilto g. 2, Alytus
(+370) 69835419
Foto-video paslaugos
rural homstead, homstead for wedding, sodyba šventėms, party organization, organization of banquets, company holidays, ...
Karpynės g. 2, Gabšiai, Raseinių r.
(+370) 42870123
plat du jour, banquets, receptions, nutrition, cafe, bar, parties, funeral dinner, nutrition, hall rental, delicious ...
Pulko g. 14-1, Alytus
(+370) 67044450
organization of holidays, live music, evening entertainment, restaurant in old town
Galinio Pylimo g. 16, Klaipėda
(+370) 60354545
Biblioteka lounge, restoranas, UAB "Skonio audra"
Biblioteka lounge, restoranas
Biblioteka lounge, restoranas Klaipėdoje
Restoranas Klaipėdoje
restaurants, restaurant, European restaurant, banquet, plat du jour, business dinner, receptions, parties, parties, ...
Sporto g. 10, Raseiniai (Affiliates)
(+370) 65642455
conference hall, seminars, wireless Internet, banquet premises
Maironio g. 8, Biržai
(+370) 68262402
plat du jour, nutrition, cafes, nutrition, parties, hall rental, dancing hall, fests, for birthdays, for weddings, ...
Didžioji g. 25, Kėdainiai (Affiliates)
(+370) 63001220
Villa ASTOMA is situated in Palanga Old Town area, very close to sea (400-500m). In a couple of minutes you can reach Palanga Botanical Garden with ...
J. Simpsono g. 9, Palanga (Affiliates)
(+370) 61549843